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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Me enjoying my weekend plans.

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Last night's #StarTrekDiscovery episode was a game-changer and the one and only @wcruz73 is here to chat ALL about it! 😏 @starTrekCBS Go to the link in my bio to give it a watch!

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Oh snap! It’s out today! If you get the chance go and see @alitamovie, it would make a pretty great date movie.💕 #alitabattleangel #sponsored #alita

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) ‪Throw back to my time on @battlebots and my darker hair! Had so much fun on that show. 🥰🥰‬

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) ‪The wonderful Anthony Rapp (@albinokid) joins me today in The Ready Room airing RN at the link in my bio! ‪Lt. Commander Paul Stamets talks mycelial network and teases what he can about episode 5! #StarTrekDiscovery @StarTrekCBS

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) This is my best attempt at 😍 in real life.

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Cast me as the next Supergirl you cowards! 🤓

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Oh snap it’s Monday! Dug this one out of the archives. How was everyone’s weekend?

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) ‪Go watch it now at the link in my bio!!! @marythechief a.k.a L’Rell (my queen) dives deep into #StarTrekDiscovery episode 3 and shares some amazing Klingon footage and stories from set. @StarTrekCBS

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) This photo is one of my favorite from my @playboy shoot. I’d love to do another one day. 📸: @murdaball

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Oh, hello there Friday! 👋

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Another #throwback! I love that outfit, pretty sure I still have it around here somewhere. #tbt

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Here’s another throwback to that time I forgot how sidewalks worked. :) #tbt #throwbackthursday

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) It’s Thursday and I’m really looking forward to the weekend! Do you have big plans this weekend? #tbt #throwbackthursday

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) ‪Excited to be hosting this season of The Ready Room series with @StarTrekCBS! Mark your calendars for every Friday and come watch me nerd out about #StarTrekDiscovery every week! 🖖‬ The first episode is live at the link in my BIO!

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Here’s a #throwback! Haven’t been posting much so I’m really going to kick it up a notch! #tbt

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) I seeeeeee yoooou 👀👀👀

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) It’s still Thursday for me so I’m gonna squeeze this one in. #tbt to feeling cool af in my trailer during #BattleBots.

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Issa #MK11 bathroom selfie. Had fun today. 4/23 can’t come soon enough FOR REALZ. What did you think of the reveal?

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) The new character in #MK11Reveal has a fatality that literally punches a dudes face off!!!! #Geras

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Stoked to be at the #MK11 reveal day! Excited to see what’s changed and who returns as well as who’s new to the franchise. 😁

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Well it’s my Birthday today and I’ve been kind of breaking from social media before my next big gig (coming up soon BT dubs) and enjoying the day with my favorite human @kylethatkyle The day consisted of coffee, a scenic motorcycle ride, a movie, music, dancing, shopping, a fancy dinner, chillin, and these. It’s been an awesome bday. 🥰

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Not sure I’ll ever get over this drone shot. 📷: @kylethatkyle

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Eve from the mountaintops of California and hoping Santa brings you all the best presents. Santa is totally real guys.

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) ‪Don’t mind me, I’m just lounging. My weekend starts right meow. ‬ ‪Black Cat photo 2. 🐾‬

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) The Black Cat has arrived! This was my first attempt at handmaking my own cosplay and I’m happy with how it turned out. Including the photoshopping of my hair! More photos to come.

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@thenaomikyle ( Naomi Kyle ) Still really OBSESSED with these shoes I bought for the Game Awards.

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