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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Keeping cozy with my gorgeous costars in my favorite @moncler jacket and beanie 🖤- thanks for keeping me so happy and warm! #moncler #tothestars #sundancefilmfestival

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) An appreciation post for my wise big sister, Liana: thanks for being the Maggie to my Iris. You gave a performance so special and honest in #tothestars and are such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for going on this adventure with me! I’m really, really proud of this movie we made together!

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) My castmates and I poured our hearts into these characters. Premiering this tonight at Sundance is an absolute dream. So much love to everyone supporting this movie- thank you! #sundancefilmfestival #sundance2019 #tothestars

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) 2018 ended with Farrah cuddles, and I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to a year that brought me so much happiness. Cheers to 2019, may it bring you all lots of puppy love!

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Had the time of my life making this movie and now we’re premiering as part of the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the Sundance film fest this year! I’m so passionate about the story we told and I’m ecstatic for audiences to see- a lot of very talented people put so much hard work into this movie, and I think it became something very, very special... and now it’s Sundance-bound!

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) 🐌🐌🐌

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) West coast family. I love my beautiful friends

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) 3 am Walmart looks. Love my castmates to the stars and back 💫 thanks for capturing us @madisenbeaty

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Thought I was tough until I saw my first LA rat. Still perched on the counter. Not sure if I’m crying or laughing. Thanks for cracking up while taking pics, Ma.

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) 100% stole this photo from @estocklin but was 100% sure it needed to be shared again. Watch season 2 of #hatersbackoff to find out what Erik and I are up to here!! #hatersbackoffisback #Amandick

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Oops, I blinked (and moved to LA). 😉

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Not usually a two-posts-in-a-day gal, but hamburger hats and kisses need to shared. #hatersbackoff

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Wrap party ready with these beauties. @hatersbackoff season 2 coming your way soon, get excited! 😉

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Huge congratulations to all the cast and crew on #manchesterbythesea for the well-deserved 6 Oscar nominations it got this morning! If you haven't seen it yet, go go go!

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) #manchesterbythesea LA premiere was amazing. See it in select theaters November 18th!

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Thrilled to be included in @variety Magazine's 10 to Watch, and so glad to have met these three! Thanks to @hamptonsfilm for a great brunch and wonderful weekend.

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Had an amazing night at the #nyff premiere of Manchester by the Sea, coming to theaters November 18th!

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) I forgot to post for National Best Friend day, but she's basically my sister.

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward )

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) thanks @theoandjuliet for the cool pics and fun time ❤️

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) throwback to '99 ft. camera flash

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Snoop Dogg Hayward

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Update: Mid-August, no tan.

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Happy #selfiesunday. Anybody know who the artist is?

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@thekarahayward ( Kara Hayward ) Big news: @sisterhoodofnightmovie is out today On Demand and in select theaters! Go see it this weekend! 📷 @caryn7

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