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20.95% 23.5° 400k mi Farley Sheen Norma Jean🕺🏼🥰😂 keep it light and keep it tight, my friends. 🤙🧠
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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) My two favorite people in the world 🥰 so beautiful, smart and full of love, my sister and nephew, alike. Lil mans almost 2🥺😍😩 he doesn’t speakada engarish yet... but somehow can sing a song lmao mah heartttt😍🥺🥰🤟

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson )

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Wyd for Valentine’s Day? For me... Workin, cajerkin jerkin, boy. 😂🥰🙌🏼 filming and working out too early with @imrocksolid_fitness is first on the docket. Do it for the boats&hoes, man. 😂😍🥰 happy vday, love you guys!

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) There is an actual human being somewhere that’s THIS talented, that spent their time making something so dope, out of friggin love and with no provocation bro? to send to little old me. Like, what? Amazing fan art, thank you @_artbeel_ I can’t even fathom not appreciating this type of thing so much. Lmao y’all blow me away dude. 🥰🥺

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson )

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) internal monologue reading comments lmaoooo

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) show&tell🥰

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Uuuuh can anyone remind me what shows commercials movies and videos I need to add to my resume/reel (that I should daaaamn well have been updating all along, rather than saving to handle “the morning of” with my irresponsible ass) hahaha. Oh, you didn’t even know I act? Lmao truuuuu nvm 😂😂😂 no but fr if you can remember anything lmk I’m in scruggle mode rn

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Good thing I’ve been losing weight because what the actual 🦆 lmaooo

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Midsneeze&feelin the breeze. You wish you could have those few seconds you spent reading that caption back, huh? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🥺 yup that’s as good as its gonna get here, I’m afraid. 😂🥰🤗

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) As happy as I look in this pic🤗🥰 which after the tumultuous year i had last year, is a pretty amazing thing 😍🥺☺️

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) You don’t have to agree with me, stand for equality amongst all human beings or sheeeit, be a decent human being even. But if you don’t and ya ain’t, you DO gotta gargle deez nuts if your uNdYiNg LoOoVe for me can be compromised by knowing that I do and I AM. Love conquers all my brahdahs. In the end, love will prevail. Oh&I don’t give one single winged f*ck, taking flight, soaring highhh in the sky, about his skill (or lack thereof according to these comments). I care about PEOPLE and FAIRNESS. I personally think it’s quite a coinky-dink that he was blackballed after claiming the kneel was in protest for civil rights. No more, no less. Also, I’m the underdog, so I keep a special place in my heart for the underdogs planting their feet and chalking up an L, charging it to the game and standing strong. I respect your right to have different views, but I do not appreciate a lot of the 3rd grade reading level comments hurling those opinions in my face. Just keep scrolling brah lmaoooo pop a xan or something before ya blow a blood vessel lmaoooooo SHEESH 😂🤗🥰 can’t we all just get along? 😂😂😂🤧🥺 my gaaaahd

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) ...seriously lol. I couldn’t think of anyone this looks more like than me, other than my mom at my age lmao. Thanks for the dm, @m4n0nth3m00n 💓🙌🏼 amazing work by @thealexrossart

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson )

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) 😂😂😂 🔥 #fyrefestival #fyrefraud

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Getting shitted on in Morocco by my “ex” @juhahnjones and his “boss” @destorm 😂🤗

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Last year🤗 @engagedfashion @nando_pro

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Thank u love u ✌️🥰

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) When your best isn’t good enough... 🤷🏼‍♀️and Jesus Christ Siri did you really change that to “you’re” for the love of GOD 😂😂😂😂

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) “When I dream of dying, I’ve never felt so alive” that shits POETRY son. It’s so simple, but says so much. Symbolizes a state of mind and place in life so freakin clearly. Mental state conveyed so entirely, so distinctly.. and in just one sentence. True shit, whoever wrote this lol. Blatantly shallow, “it’s is what it is” surface level of a statement, that’s somehow so deep at the same time. 👍🏼 ...or maybe I’m just trippin off @dosist and it ain’t that serious. Lmaooo 😂🥳🥰 open to all possibilities there hahahahahahaha 🕺🏼🤷🏼‍♀️ btw it’s hilarious I used a filter to make this video, making this of all points hahahaha. The irony is overt as a birch lmaoooo. Can’t tell me that doesn’t perfectly exemplify the overall feeling/fear of inadequacy in this era societally and individually lmao... a filter to alter how i look, to say that the feeling she’s talking about is relatable, is damn near inception lmaooo on the nose as a mf. Or maybe I’m just stoned. Lmk. 😂Hahahahaha

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@theallamericanbadgirl ( Amelia Jackson ) Big chillin on set

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