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⠀ The enchanting, holistic play-store, celebrating a naturally simplified childhood ⠀ Anna Davis; mama to Sage, Alby, Acre & Arnhem ⠀
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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) 🧡 #tsf_notw #ginger . Image by @madame_love

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) She described dinner last night as ‘disgustingly yummy’... one guess as to our literacy explorations this week 😆 #oxymorons . Sweetest tee by @littleauguste

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) 🍄 Enchantment in a box 🍄 ‘Elven Dream’ joins our magical puzzle collection; a spellbinding escape for tiny wanderlusters ✨ Online now under ‘game and puzzle play’ . Image by @kellybuntin

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Five years ago, I was due to birth our angel-haired baby Valentine. Although he waited until March to grace us, symbolically (and unbeknownst to us at the time), Alby’s name in Arabic means ‘my heart’... ♥️ ⠀ (Mine is forever with yours, my precious prince) ♥️

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) No ‘first day of school’ photo... no more firsts at all. And yet our lives are now wholly defined by all of the ‘firsts’, without you by our side 💔

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Reference books that are both informative (✔️) *and* beautiful (✔️) Look no further than ‘Animalium’ and ‘Botanicum’! 🦜 Final copies can be found now under our ‘non-fiction books’ category 🙌🏽 . Image by the gorgeous @wild.and.pure

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) One for the songbirds 🎶 #tsf_notw . Image by @veronikagphotography

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Our two gigantic storefront windows make for a perfect dance studio in the eyes of Sage! 💃🏼 Thank you for your input on yesterday’s behind-the-counter ponderings - we love that from far and wide, you are investing love and thought into our special space. On Monday, our back storage room walls are going up, and we are including a sweet play space for our littlest visitors, so mama’s and papa’s can rest easy as they browse 🙌🏽

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Ideas are completely overflowing for our storefront space 🌿 On stories, we asked for some design inspiration for the wall behind our counter, and we’ve been completely inundated with DM’s! Comment here instead, so we have a record of your brilliant suggestions to refer back to 🙌🏽🌿 . (Crazy about this wallpaper by @fleurharris and @jimmycricketau - especially that sweet, sleeping fox 💙😌🦊 Image by

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Since the end of the festive season, we’ve had just two areas of engagement set up in our play room. We placed all other furniture pieces, play items and homeschooling resources away in the attic and began the year with a simplified space, which, for the past month, has lead to the most meaningful and creative play. Less is *always* more in the realms of early childhood environments ✨ As our homeschooling year is now back in full swing, it’s time to bring our most used learning supplies out of the shadows and reinvent our space to suit the hugely varied needs of our littles. The first piece that will be going up is our printer tray nature shelf - just like this one in @woodlarks beautiful home - for all of the treasures that magically find their way into pockets, handbags and car seats! 🐚🌿🍁🍄

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Slow, simple Sunday’s - the very best kind 🌻 Loving this gorgeous categorisation opportunity by @themasenhelders - bringing even more delight and wonder to a stroll through nature’s paradise 🌿 We have just 5 of these medium-sized, natural rainbows left in stock ✨

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) “Silly girls,” the old woman smiled, “your different was your beautiful all along” . Soul sisters, Sage and Poet, radiating the sunbeams that they are. Captured so beautifully by @practisingsimplicity

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) How can January be over already! The past month has been an incredibly busy time for us, as since mid-December, we’ve been away far more than we’ve been at home. Despite the excitement and adventure that comes with endless travel, we are so looking forward to unpacking our suitcases and grounding our feet, as we prepare to embark on a new year of homeschooling and bring our new storefront to life. February; our month to cultivate a steady, settled family rhythm, providing flow and assurance to our days 🌻 What is your intention this month? . Image of our gorgeous wooden calendar (available under the ‘learn’ tab) by @sophie_vine

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) The sweetest story-telling basket we ever did see 😍 A few weeks ago we placed our spring flower fairy order with our incredible Romanian team (which will arrive early-autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere) and it is set to be our biggest, most beautiful collection yet! 🙌🏽 New designs, new colours, plus all of your usual favourites. ⠀ We will forever be proud of bringing these delights to the online world of Australia, and although there are many other play stores now stocking them - some of whom are frustratingly using our imagery on their websites (which takes us countless hours to photograph and/or edit) - we thank so many of you for your loyalty in purchasing these magical beings from us ✨ Callie and Luka are currently available in store, along with our hugely popular summer trees 🌳 . Enchanting story prompt basket by @prims_playnest

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) After releasing our dreams to the hand’s of the universe and holding faith in the divine synchronicity of life, we are SO excited to share that we have a storefront on the way! Our space, nestled in a quiet, seaside town, half an hour from home, is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, and we are bursting to bring enchantment and wonder to life within its walls. Let the next chapter begin... ✨ . 📷 ever-inspired by the incredible dreamland of @shopmercimilo

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) The daydreamer and the night thinker - an alchemy of two souls colliding 15 years ago; both far from perfect, but perfect for one another ♥️ Happy 8th wedding anniversary, my love

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) A shame it’s such a potent flower, as it makes a beautiful name! 🌸 #oleander #tsf_notw #babynames . Image by @lobsterandswan

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) The sweetest little shoe cupboard, ever there was 😍 @annamalmbergphoto

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Of all of her memories, through all of her years, the one that trumps them all? That time we went to Sizzler 😆👌🏽 #acingthisparentinggig

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) Our most synonymous piece - the incredible large treehouse - is now open for pre-order, and will be ready for shipment early next week! 🙌🏽 If you’ve been following here for awhile, you’ll know how popular these exquisite, open-ended pieces are, and with our next delivery not scheduled to arrive until late autumn/early winter (for those in the Southern Hemisphere) now is the perfect opportunity to secure your own. Find them under page 3 of our ‘small world play tab’ 🌿 . Image by the ever-brilliant @lovefromkk 🧡

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) After a blissful, balmy summer break, tomorrow, we throw open the virtual doors, and welcome the adventures that await The Small Folk in 2019 🙌🏽 The passed two weeks were our first official holiday (meaning zero business behind the scenes) since we opened the store almost 2 years ago, and we thank you so very much for your patience and kindness as we savoured this rare and precious time together, now ready to embrace the year ahead feeling refreshed and replenished. All orders placed during our hiatus will begin shipping from tomorrow, and email systems are now back in action (if you’ve been in touch during our break, you will receive a response as soon as possible 💛). ⠀ This time last year, the store was upheld by myself only, and now, far surpassing our initial, humble hopes, we are assisted by a beautiful, hand-picked, team of 7, each fuelled by the grandest passion to bring joy-filled play, endless curiosity and enlivened creativity to the world’s future caretakers - your children. We have wild dreams to actualise this year, and we are beyond grateful that you allow us, not only into your homes, but also, your hearts ✨

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) We’re home 🙌🏽 Let the unpacking and washing begin! (I fear there may be a few stow away crickets from our festival adventures, hiding amongst the layers 😅)! ⠀ I actually love coming back to our nest after being away, as I look at our home, our possessions and the spaces we use, in a fresh, new light. Before I unpack my suitcase, I always do a cull of what remains in my wardrobe, as these pieces obviously didn’t make the cut for ‘favourites’ to take away. And despite doing this at least four times a year, I always manage to fill at least one garbage bag to donate (which both Si and I did last night). I’ll do the same before unpacking the children’s clothes today. ⠀ Next, I need your recommendations for a new bed! After 7 years of co-sleeping we’re finally ready to invest in a king-size, however, we have no idea what’s amaze in the land of nod these days?! Let us know if you have the mattress of your dreams below... ⠀ (Just FYI, we’ll be buying delicious linen from @dazedbutamazed and likely upgrading our current bedhead - purchased in-store - as we love it so much) 🧡 . Image by @wearetriibe

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@the.small.folk ( THE SMALL FOLK ) I can’t quite believe we’ve been posting baby name suggestions since 2015! The hashtag containing our naming ideas (#ng_notw) was based on our old Instagram name - ‘The Nomad & The Gypsy’ (ng) ‘name of the week’ (notw), but we’ve gone through and added #tsf_notw to each image, and this is where our collection will be found from now on. (And if you click on the ‘recent’ tab, rather than ‘top’, it displays them in order, from most recent to least). ⠀ We would love to hear; have any of our offerings over the years inspired your babe’s name? Currently loving Iluka - a calming, Aboriginal word, meaning ‘by the sea’ 🌊 #iluka #tsf_notw #babynames . Image by the gorgeous @natalietrusler

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