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DJ 🛸 Lover of 🍩 Music Junkie 🎵 Truth teller 🗣🤷🏼‍♀️ Twitter• SophiaBody #VH1 #MTV 📧Booking;☮️🐰🍯
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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Today!!! Last day in Charlotte I'll be djing the Day party at recess !!! 4pm!!! Meet me there❣️❣️❣️❣️ @sporteodie

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Charlotte Queen 👑#Charlotte #NewYorkFashionWeek

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) DJING at @taodowntown for @artistixfashion after party THANK YOU @andyhilfiger for having me!!!!"I turned that shit up don't be quieeeet make some noiseee" you guys were awesome 😘😘😘 💓💓🎉🎉

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Botox- forehead lines and expression lines and also discoloration under eyes! Gotta be perfect for camera ☺️ thank you @beautoxrn for everything ❣️❣️❣️❣️

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) 👽👽 artistix fashion show and after party at TAO was super dope last night! Thank you for having me @artistixfashion 🤟🏼❣️ #artistixfashion #artistix

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) You could suck a D if you doubted me👸🏼 Dress and Shoes from @chicthelabelofficial ❣️

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) "He see me lookin pretty everytime he scroll up" 👸🏼 👙@iconswim • Unit installed by @jaxxstylez 💕

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) JUST TOUCHED DOWN IN MIAMI!!! MY MIAMI BIRTHDAY PARTY @cameomia 🌨🔥 @djlyve

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) MEET ME AT @FireNIceusa THIS SATURDAY 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @troystylez U ARE IMPECCABLE FOR THIS SHOOT😘

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Starting to workout and I love It!!!best trainer and gonna see results soon I just know it😍 @mr_n2s is the best 🔥 all my injuries are taken into account so I won't hurt myself,interval training and someone who understands - "LISTEN push me but have a sense of humor" 🤷🏼‍♀️ ---you know it's lit when I'm excited to work out 💪🏼💪🏼

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Waaay Too young for the club. Black hair. I been a whole meal 🍔 #10yearchallenge 🐎

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) The choices we make, the words we speak, our actions and the way we feel about ourselves is a product of our environment 🧠🌍Hope That Dont go over yall heads #StayWoke #SurvivingRKelly (((shot by @suzanahallili )))

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Hmm...what should I wear with these🌨🌨🏂

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Thank you @lala and @peterpaulscott for this amaZZZZZing opportunity! 💞 make sure you check out her @lalaanthonycollection collaboration with @byashleystewart #Ashley #lalaanthonycollection

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) TOMORROW AT SOB’S ILL BE DJING @roddyricch SET! Make sure you come show love🔥🔥 #DontSayIDidntWarnYou #SophiaPutYouOn 😌 @roddyricch @roddyricch

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) I wish I was as affectionate as I look 👿 is it just an AQUARIUS thing or? Tights from @fashionnova 🐱

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) 🍯🐰Shawty getting thick again yay or nay?! Tights from @fashionnova 😈

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Listen to me when I tell you the vibe in Chicago was on 1000%!!!!Thank you for making chi town a home away from home! I had a super blast!!! S/O to the #GoodVibeTribe @nextlevelchicago @djenigma.thevillain @djrayray103 @djextreme1 @pt_locgang #DJSophiaBody

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) They said I'm getting skinny 💁🏼‍♀️ all I eat is donuts! 🍩 - top @fashionnova

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) "I can do it in a dress or pyramid sweats, just tell me how ya like It best when I'm kissing on ya neck" @blackpyramidofficial // hair @teesbeautybarnyc

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Doin' what I love.. Lovin' what I do and lovin' myself while doin' it🍯🐰 @blackpyramidofficial

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) Personally Idgf 🍯🐰. Jeans n body suit @fashionnova of course

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@sophiabody ( Sophia ) I've been too humble.. Let these bitches think they can come in and run shit! I've been here BEEN POPPIN now its time to let let let these bitches know!! I'm coming for It all 🍯🐰

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