How to embed instagram know if someone restricted you

How do I know if someone has restricted me on Instagram?

If someone has restricted me on Instagram how come I can still see that they are active but no new posts? When you restrict an account on Instagram, you hide the account’s direct messages and comments from yourself and other users. As soon as you restrict someone on your page, their future comments will become invisible to the rest of the public.

Can you tell if someone blocked you on Instagram?

And while you can tell if someone blocked you on Instagram, this feature won’t alert the user that you have restricted them. The restrict on Instagram feature aims to protect users from harassing, abusive, or annoying comments and messages on their profiles.

How can I see a restricted user’s messages?

You can also see a restricted user’s messages under the “Message Request” tab. You can restrict an account on Instagram via the iPhone or Android app as well as on Instagram’s website.

Who can unrestrict you on Instagram?

Anyone having an Instagram account can restrict or unrestrict you by their choice. This can be your family members, close friends, or anyone on the platform. They can also un-restrict you at any time. What is Bullying on Instagram?

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