How to download and use google input tools for windows 11

We have all at some point wanted to type in a language other than English, probably to get curated results on a search engine. But, in all likelihood, your system would only allow English. This is where Google Input Tools for Windows 11 comes into the picture.

The tool allows you to type in the desired language. It provides a virtual keyboard for over 90 languages and handwriting support to 50+ languages.

And the best part is that you don’t have to be fluent in that particular language since it works on the concept of transliteration. Apart from this major aspect, you have Input Method Editors (IME) that convert keystrokes into characters.

So, if you have been planning to get Google Input Tools for Windows 11, read the following sections to find how you can do that.

Why can’t I download the Google Input Tools in Windows?

Google earlier allowed you to download the offline version of Input Tools in Windows, but that option is now missing from the official website and you can’t install it on your system.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use the tool anymore. Google still allows you to add Input Tools as a Chrome extension, and type in 90+ languages.

Though, users will certainly miss the download option for Windows. If and when it’s available again, we will update the article and add the steps for it. Bookmark this guide to stay updated.

How do I get Google Input Tools in Windows 11?

  • Press Windows + S to launch the Search menu, enter Google Chrome in the text field, and click on the relevant search result that appears.
  • Go to the official Google Input Tool’s extension page and click on the Add to Chrome button.
  • Click on the Add extension option in the prompt that popsup.
  • Next, click on the Extensions icon and then click on the Pin option next to Google Input Tools .
  • After you follow the steps listed above, the Google Input Tools will now be added to Chrome and you can start using it in Windows 11.

    How can I use the Google Input Tools?

  • After adding Google Input Tools to the Chrome extensions, click on its icon near the top-right corner, and select Extension options to configure its settings.
  • Now, choose the languages that want want to add from the left and then click on the arrow. Remember that you can only add one at a time.
  • Again, click on Google Input Tool’s extension and select Keyboard shortcut settings.
  • Now, click on the pencil icon and add a keyboard shortcut to activate the extension.
  • We choose Ctrl + . but you can set any other keyboard shortcut, as you please.
  • Once done, head to the page where you want to use the Google Input Tools , and press the keyboard shortcut set earlier to activate it.
  • Choose the desired language from the flyout menu.
  • If there’s a virtual keyboard for it, it shall launch right away.
  • Since Google has made a lot of changes, you cannot go ahead with the Google Hindi Input Tools download for Windows 11, but you can still type in Hindi, as seen in the last step above.

    You now know how to get Google Input Tools in Windows 11 and use it. From now on, you can perform targeted searches for curated results or create documents in the desired language.

    Also, discover the best Hindi typing software for Windows 11 and the previous iteration as well. These tools basically allow you to type Hindi by using your QWERTY English keyboard and doing so is easier thanyou might expect.

    Have you completed the above procedures? Tell us your experience of using Google Input Tools in the comments section below.

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