Get ready for the halo show premiere on march 24

There’s no shortage of Halo fans out there, and this one is for each and every one of them. Paramount just revealed that the new Halo show will launch exclusively on its streaming service starting March 24, 2022.

Many were anxiously expecting this game-inspired series, so news that it’s coming so soon is definitely music to everyone’s ears.

Furthermore, Paramount+ is also expected to become available in Europe this year, thus expanding the reach of the popular service.

Master Chief and Cortana partake in a different take on Halo

Halo fans beware, as this series will only briefly follow the events of the games, as it takes place in an alternate timeline.

In the series, Master Chief and Cortana don’t just randomly stumble upon the Halo ring, a relic that has the power to destroy all life in the galaxy.

What a way to kick off 2022 for Halo fans everywhere, with this blockbuster series that focuses on a totally different approach to the whole plot of the franchise itself.

We’re just getting started. Watch the #HaloTheSeries Official Trailer today during halftime at the AFC Championship Game on @CBS and @ParamountPlus.

— Halo on Paramount+ (@HaloTheSeries) January 30, 2022

From the first look we all got, the action will be focused around the Halo ring and the war with the Covenant. However, the video also approaches the SPARTAN-II program that kidnaped children and raised them as soldiers.

And, just like the games, episodes will be set in the 26th century, when humanity is entangled in an intergalactic war against the alien menace. T

In order to win the war, the brilliant scientist Dr. Halsey has created the Spartans, super-soldiers genetically and technologicallyenhanced to improve their physical and mental capabilities.

Of course, this highly anticipated series follows the story of Master Chief Spartan John-117, the commander of a Spartan unity.

The Halo franchise already had other spin-off media, such as novels and comic books, the TV series is the first product to be placed in a different timeline.

We’re all excited to explore this new take on Halo and see what incredible adventures master Chief will lead us through.

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